Mignacca Physical Therapy, Ltd.


We specialize in orthopedic injuries, sports-related injuries, and high-level neurological injuries impacting the following body parts:

Hand & Wrist
Foot & Ankle
Lower Back

We treat patients of all ages with various diagnosis including arthritis, balance problems, sciatica, disc herniation, low back pain, lumbar laminectomy, whiplash, veritgo, hip pain, knee pain, knee arthroscopy, shoulder pain, shoulder arthroscopy, elbow pain, rotator cuff tears & repairs, joint sprains, partial and full joint repairs, and ACL reconstruction.

Your treatment plan will be developed upon a comprehensive personal evaluation and may include one or more of the following:

Therapeutic Exercises

Strengthening, flexibility, cardiovascular, balance and postural exercises are utilized to restore and maximize mobility, strength, endurance, balance and posture. Traditional exercise with the use of weights, machines and bands are incorporated into workout routines as well as daily activities.

Manual Therapy Techniques

A hands on treatment approach to decrease pain, muscle spasm, inflammation and soft tissue restrictions and to restore flexibility and mobility of the joints.


Utilized to decrease pain, inflammation and muscle spasm, to promote the therapeutic benefits of the more active treatments. Heat, ice, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, TENS and iontophoresis are available.

Home Exercise Programs

Patients are provided with a home exercise program and education maybe included on pain management, posture, ergonomics, prevention and body mechanics.

About the Clinic

Mignacca Physical Therapy, Ltd. was founded in 2010 by full-time therapist & orthopedic certified specialist (OCS), Steve Mignacca. With over 20 years experience treating patients in an outpatient setting, Steve understands the importance of partnering with patients and their physicians to develop the best treatment plan possible for a wide-variety of orthopedic conditions for patients of all ages. This philosophy of collaboration and personal interest in each patient is key. Steve strives to assist each patient in reaching their own potential and 'moving them forward' toward a higher-quality lifestyle.

Our Staff

Steve Mignacca

Physical Therapist

Steve received his Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy at Northeastern University in June, 1994. He later achieved Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) status in Physical Therapy via the American Physical Therapy Association in 2007. According to the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, fewer visits are needed at less cost when Orthopedic Certified Specialists are involved. In today's economy, patients need to consider out-of-pocket expenses and working with a therapist who has an effective, efficient approach is one way to do so.

Rita Gaylor

Administrative Assistant

Rita joined our team in October, 2013. Prior to working with us, she held a similar position in another local physical therapy clinic. Her experience and knowledge with insurances and in verifying benefits enables her to effectively communicate coverage and financial obligations to our patients. Her organizational skills keep the office running smoothly and her pleasant personality make her easy to work with when scheduling and obtaining appropriate authorizations. She understands the importance of patient confidentiality and upholds this confidentiality in all she does.

Eileen M. Kurcon

Physical Therapist

Eileen is a graduate of Northeastern University where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy and a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University where she received her Master of Business Administration.

Eileen most recently was a Clinical Director at Wellesley Therapeutic Services and has 20+ years of outpatient orthopedic experience. Prior to that, she worked with the senior population in both assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. Her initial physical therapy experience began in a hospital-based setting where she worked in various Massachusetts hospital locations in their respective rehabilitation centers.

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